Fondly: Two NovellasFondly: Two Novellas

**Voted one of the Best Books of 2013 by Daniel Levin Becker at**

“It takes some audacity to print a cover like this, an audacity that is adeptly matched by the prose inside.” – Rain Taxi

“Winnette’s writing delivers an emotional punch followed by a discreet wink.” – Foreword Reviews

“Two separate exercises in absurdism…Gainesville moves like a serial killer in a getaway car…in contrast to In One Story, the Two Sisters’ episodic cartoon form…where the situations are an endless, whimsical adventure to read.” – Metazen

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The Law of Strings

“Gillis’s is an intellectual voice. The thought and research he lavishes on his stories ooze from the text, giving his work a Richard Powers-like fascination with the nuances of science and technology.”
The Los Angeles Review

“Beautiful, slightly strange, surreal little stories … some so poetic it makes your teeth hurt to read them, they’re so sweetly perfect.” – Insatiable Booksluts

“Recommended for readers for whom the conventional just won’t do – and who aren’t afraid of heights.”
– Books, Personally

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“A fast, complex, exhilarating roadster ride through history and time…Kino is an intoxicating Euro-brew, written with enormous skill and dedication.”
— Frederick Barthelme

“This is an elegant book, wrapping the core of a thriller in ideas that play with literary and semiotic conventions…Jürgen Fauth has a confident touch and is worth watching in the future.”
— David Marshall, reviewer, San Francisco Book Review

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Three Ways of the Saw

“‎Mullins, in a fresh and unforgettable voice and writing style, has reached across the human condition, exposing the sinew that holds us together, even while it hopelessly, inevitably shreds.”
Foreword book-of-the-year finalist

“A brooding, raw, rustbelt, jazzy, Motown energy informs the sensibility and sound of this writer, fuels his prose, and gathers this collection into a compelling whole.”
– Stuart Dybek, author of I Sailed With Magellan

“Matt Mullins deserves to be read. He will become an important part of our literary world. – Grady Harp

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An End to All Things: Stories by Jared Yates Sexton

“Marginalized, ignored middle-class Midwesterners; compassionately-created characters…frustrated by situations beyond their control…Sexton is successful in earnestly capturing their futile grasps at agency.”
Publishers Weekly

“The minimalist style of Sexton’s prose, like that of Carver and Hemingway, belies the complex relationships that comprise [t]his interesting reflection on changing roles and values in our society…an excuse for a party.”
The Los Angeles Review

“[With] invigorating writing that avoids a purely nihilistic tone…and truly explores mankind’s sense of the unknown, Sexton pushes through the monotonous bullshit to true beauty.”
The Literary Man

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The Tall Tale of Tommy Twice: A Novel by Nathan Leslie

“[A] whimsical story full of magic and exaggeration worthy of Mark Twain or Washington Irving.”
– Charles Rammelkamp, Chamber Four

“A laugh-riot, page after page of yuks, high-minded absurdity, and Ionesco-worthy wackiness.”
– Lee K. Abbott, All Things, All at Once: New & Selected Stories

“One of the truly exciting writers of his generation.” — Richard Burgin, founder and editor, Boulevard

“Bizarre, sad, cruel, funny, horrible, [and] always surprising–Nathan Leslie channeling The Brothers Grimm.”
— Lynda Schor, Seduction

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The Bee-Loud Glade by Steve Himmer

“Himmer’s debut novel evokes Chekhov, Thoreau, Fowles, and others…” – Publishers Weekly

“A thoughtful, funny, tender novel full of memorable characters and heart-stilling moments.” – Pank Magazine

“An allegorical novel that seems eerily contemporary. Thoreau meets Ballard, meets Huysmans and many more.” – Tom McCarthy, author of Remainder and C

“[A] fascinating crossroads in American Literature…” – Plumb

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Nazareth, North Dakota and Apostle Islands, a farcical retelling of The New Testament by Tommy Zurhellen

“Universally timeless and contemporary … If Jesus needs new PR, this is one imaginative possibility.”
Publishers Weekly starred review of Apostle Islands

“[A]n epic tale…” – New York Journal of Books

“[A]n excellent book from a promising new voice in literature.”
– Small Press Reviews on Nazareth, North Dakota

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Fight for Your Long Day by Alex Kudera

Fight for Your Long Day by Alex Kudera

“Th[is] marvelous debut is worthy of a place on the same bookshelf as Lucky Jim and A Confederacy of Dunces…Kudera is the real deal.” – Ron Rash, award-winning author

“A fast-paced story, told with humor at every turn … the kind of novel one learns from and rallies behind. Eyebrow-raising and wry, Kudera’s take on the ivory tower certainly makes it look less pearly white.” – Foreword Reviews

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The Great Lenore by J M Tohline

The Great Lenore by JM Tohline

“Beautiful in the same way that J.D. Salinger’s books are beautiful.” – New York Journal of Books

“A page-turner that introduces the literary world to an author with a clear and profound appreciation for the American literary canon.” – Small Press Reviews

“The young writer’s talents are so apparent that the reader has little interest in reading a second-rate Fitzgerald, preferring a first-rate Tohline, instead.” – The Los Angeles Review

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The Snow Whale by John Minichillo

The Snow Whale by John Minichillo

“Wonderfully inventive … a delightful tale that is subtle and outrageous in equal measure.”
Publishers Weekly

“A funny debut novel … wry, dry, pure hilarity all around.” – Los Angeles Times

“Part satire, part mythic romance, The Snow Whale, like its namesake, is a unique creation.”
– Jaimy Gordon, author, Lord of Misrule

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Tracks by Eric D. Goodman

Tracks by Eric D. Goodman

“[A] compelling novel.” – Foreword Reviews

“A most cunningly crafted tale.” – Madison Smartt Bell, author of All Souls’ Rising

“[A] born storyteller.” – New York Journal of Books

“An exciting talent.” – Thomas Steinbeck, author of Down to a Soundless Sea

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Belief Is Its Own Kind of Truth, MaybeOur first memoir, Belief Is Its Own Kind of Truth, Maybe (Aug. 4, 2015), is a young mother’s arduous journey to find her birth mother.

People often ask what attracts me to a specific title. What distinguishes one work from another? There’s no science to my selection method, but Belief engages me on a few levels. First and foremost, I’ve wanted to publish a book by Lori Jakiela since I first became acquainted with her writing. She has a voice that resonates in my soul and reminds me of other writers (e.g., Anne Lamott) whose powerful, humanistic narratives have stood the test of time.

I also dedicate the publication of Belief to my daughter, Gwynne, whom my wife and I adopted at age two from an orphanage in Romania in April 1999. Belief is a book that speaks to me as an adoptive parent. I’ve always accepted that Gwynne, now eighteen years of age, someday may want to trace the roots of her own life and heritage.

Finally, my hope is that Belief may offer a comforting companion to readers who struggle to cope with the universal challenges of self-identity. May you never feel alone.

Like Writing? Like Sports?

More Than Sports Talk is an Atticus Review offspring dedicated to raising the level of discourse about sports. Our purpose is to honor the rich tradition and cultural significance of sports by harnessing the power of creative sportswriting.

What We Plan to Do:

• Deliver narrative threads and storylines that reach far outside the foul lines and well beyond the playing field.
• Publish artfully told works by writers who exhibit a skill for off-center storytelling, colorful human interest features, and compelling nonfiction.
• Profile the present and past lives of people involved in sports including athletes and non-athletes at every level.
• Celebrate the history and diversity of sports.

More Than Sports Talk is an online community of writers, general interest readers, and sports fans who are interested in the role that sport plays in our lives, whether it is instrumental or minimal, inspiring or exploitative, unifying or divisive.

MTST embraces the ambition of reintroducing the fine art of sportswriting into the mainstream. Our goal is to produce literature that examines the many factors that compel us to compete and drive us to be such fiercely loyal fans or detractors. MTST aspires to entertain, amuse, and provoke. It is a tip of the hat and a left hook to the side of the wide wonder of sports and its intersection with commerce, culture, and humanity.

Sports fans, meet Joe Lucido. Joe is our new editor at More Than Sports Talk, Atticus Review's digital sports lit…

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Submit your work here. Moreover, follow @MoreThanSportsT on Twitter to watch this monthly pub unfold.

Atticus on the Trail What Would a Born-and-Bred Hoosier Gonzo Journalist Do?

I’ve always fantasized about what it might be like to be Hunter S. Thompson. I now to get to live vicariously through Atticus author Jared Yates Sexton (An End to All Things).

Shortly after the AWP Conference dust settled, Jared approached me with the idea of covering the ’16 presidential campaign and election, and I bit. I mean, I really bit hard. Jared is an amazing writer and Atticus Review is grateful to present his ongoing series of bullshit-detecting dispatches from the Capitol. Seriously, “Atticus On The Trail” is going to kick ample derriere these next several months. You really need to pay attention. Your entertainment quota–not to mention our children’s future–may just depend on it. To keep up with our campaign coverage on Twitter, follow @AtticusPolitics.

Tales from the VFW

Tales from the VFWThe main goal of this next project is to travel the country and listen to our veterans, preserving the amazing stories they have to tell.

Tales from the VFW is a digital scrapbook of stories and artifacts from our American veterans, woven together by the team of award-winning novelist and U.S. Navy vet Tommy Zurhellen, photographer Chris Motta, and publisher Dan Cafaro. The project can be described as a “moveable feast” of memories, recorded from veterans all across the country.

We know we’re not the only folks committed to preserving the stories of our vets; we welcome everyone to join our Tales from the VFW project. Do you have a veteran in your life with a great story to tell? Are you a vet who would like to share your experiences? Contact Dan with your story. If it’s a vet’s tale, it’s worth telling, and who knows? Tommy and Chris may come to a VFW near you to hear it firsthand.

Be a part of a uniquely American story and support Tales from the VFW!

~ DC 4/21/15 (updated 12/28/15)

Atticus Eleven

Atticus Eleven: Like ‘Ocean’s Eleven,’ Only Hipper

MADISON, NJ – After months of reading manuscripts, entering and exiting a flurry of invented worlds and stories, the editors at Atticus Books are proud to announce their shortlist for 2016. In our List of Eleven, we welcome soccer players, organized teacher protests, mountain climbers, wild girls, convicts on the loose, a church arsonist, a […]

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Best of the Net

2015 ‘Best of the Net Anthology’ Nominees

The staff  at Atticus Review is pleased to announce our nominations for the 2015 Best of the Net Anthology, which aims “to promote the diverse and growing collection of voices who are publishing their work online.” The anthology is published online by Sundress Publications each spring. This year’s judges are Bruce Bond, Brian Oliu, and Kate […]

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