Fondly: Two NovellasFondly: Two Novellas

**Voted one of the Best Books of 2013 by Daniel Levin Becker at**

“It takes some audacity to print a cover like this, an audacity that is adeptly matched by the prose inside.” – Rain Taxi

“Winnette’s writing delivers an emotional punch followed by a discreet wink.” – Foreword Reviews

“Two separate exercises in absurdism…Gainesville moves like a serial killer in a getaway car…in contrast to In One Story, the Two Sisters’ episodic cartoon form…where the situations are an endless, whimsical adventure to read.” – Metazen

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The Law of Strings

“Gillis’s is an intellectual voice. The thought and research he lavishes on his stories ooze from the text, giving his work a Richard Powers-like fascination with the nuances of science and technology.”
The Los Angeles Review

“Beautiful, slightly strange, surreal little stories … some so poetic it makes your teeth hurt to read them, they’re so sweetly perfect.” – Insatiable Booksluts

“Recommended for readers for whom the conventional just won’t do – and who aren’t afraid of heights.”
– Books, Personally

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“A fast, complex, exhilarating roadster ride through history and time…Kino is an intoxicating Euro-brew, written with enormous skill and dedication.”
— Frederick Barthelme

“This is an elegant book, wrapping the core of a thriller in ideas that play with literary and semiotic conventions…Jürgen Fauth has a confident touch and is worth watching in the future.”
— David Marshall, reviewer, San Francisco Book Review

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Three Ways of the Saw

“‎Mullins, in a fresh and unforgettable voice and writing style, has reached across the human condition, exposing the sinew that holds us together, even while it hopelessly, inevitably shreds.”
Foreword book-of-the-year finalist

“A brooding, raw, rustbelt, jazzy, Motown energy informs the sensibility and sound of this writer, fuels his prose, and gathers this collection into a compelling whole.”
– Stuart Dybek, author of I Sailed With Magellan

“Matt Mullins deserves to be read. He will become an important part of our literary world. – Grady Harp

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An End to All Things: Stories by Jared Yates Sexton

“Marginalized, ignored middle-class Midwesterners; compassionately-created characters…frustrated by situations beyond their control…Sexton is successful in earnestly capturing their futile grasps at agency.”
Publishers Weekly

“The minimalist style of Sexton’s prose, like that of Carver and Hemingway, belies the complex relationships that comprise [t]his interesting reflection on changing roles and values in our society…an excuse for a party.”
The Los Angeles Review

“[With] invigorating writing that avoids a purely nihilistic tone…and truly explores mankind’s sense of the unknown, Sexton pushes through the monotonous bullshit to true beauty.”
The Literary Man

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The Tall Tale of Tommy Twice: A Novel by Nathan Leslie

“[A] whimsical story full of magic and exaggeration worthy of Mark Twain or Washington Irving.”
– Charles Rammelkamp, Chamber Four

“A laugh-riot, page after page of yuks, high-minded absurdity, and Ionesco-worthy wackiness.”
– Lee K. Abbott, All Things, All at Once: New & Selected Stories

“One of the truly exciting writers of his generation.” — Richard Burgin, founder and editor, Boulevard

“Bizarre, sad, cruel, funny, horrible, [and] always surprising–Nathan Leslie channeling The Brothers Grimm.”
— Lynda Schor, Seduction

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The Bee-Loud Glade by Steve Himmer

“Himmer’s debut novel evokes Chekhov, Thoreau, Fowles, and others…” – Publishers Weekly

“A thoughtful, funny, tender novel full of memorable characters and heart-stilling moments.” – Pank Magazine

“An allegorical novel that seems eerily contemporary. Thoreau meets Ballard, meets Huysmans and many more.” – Tom McCarthy, author of Remainder and C

“[A] fascinating crossroads in American Literature…” – Plumb

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Nazareth, North Dakota and Apostle Islands, a farcical retelling of The New Testament by Tommy Zurhellen

“Universally timeless and contemporary … If Jesus needs new PR, this is one imaginative possibility.”
Publishers Weekly starred review of Apostle Islands

“[A]n epic tale…” – New York Journal of Books

“[A]n excellent book from a promising new voice in literature.”
– Small Press Reviews on Nazareth, North Dakota

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Fight for Your Long Day by Alex Kudera

Fight for Your Long Day by Alex Kudera

“Th[is] marvelous debut is worthy of a place on the same bookshelf as Lucky Jim and A Confederacy of Dunces…Kudera is the real deal.” – Ron Rash, award-winning author

“A fast-paced story, told with humor at every turn … the kind of novel one learns from and rallies behind. Eyebrow-raising and wry, Kudera’s take on the ivory tower certainly makes it look less pearly white.” – Foreword Reviews

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The Great Lenore by J M Tohline

The Great Lenore by JM Tohline

“Beautiful in the same way that J.D. Salinger’s books are beautiful.” – New York Journal of Books

“A page-turner that introduces the literary world to an author with a clear and profound appreciation for the American literary canon.” – Small Press Reviews

“The young writer’s talents are so apparent that the reader has little interest in reading a second-rate Fitzgerald, preferring a first-rate Tohline, instead.” – The Los Angeles Review

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The Snow Whale by John Minichillo

The Snow Whale by John Minichillo

“Wonderfully inventive … a delightful tale that is subtle and outrageous in equal measure.”
Publishers Weekly

“A funny debut novel … wry, dry, pure hilarity all around.” – Los Angeles Times

“Part satire, part mythic romance, The Snow Whale, like its namesake, is a unique creation.”
– Jaimy Gordon, author, Lord of Misrule

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Tracks by Eric D. Goodman

Tracks by Eric D. Goodman

“[A] compelling novel.” – Foreword Reviews

“A most cunningly crafted tale.” – Madison Smartt Bell, author of All Souls’ Rising

“[A] born storyteller.” – New York Journal of Books

“An exciting talent.” – Thomas Steinbeck, author of Down to a Soundless Sea

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Armageddon, Texas

“The stories of Beowulf and Genesis are played out across a post-apocalyptic Texas in a book that is not only witty and exciting but wickedly smart to boot. Thirty years ago, the world ended—most of humanity is gone, half of the American South is underwater, and the other half is turned to unforgiving desert. No one under the age of fifty is left, except for a boy and a girl who are maybe aliens, don’t have belly buttons, and can talk to animals. Oh yeah, and there’s a dragon. And a monster and his mother. If the story is starting to sound familiar, it’s guaranteed you’ve never read it like this.

Tommy Zurhellen is a master craftsman. Each chapter is written from a different character’s perspective, and he captures each voice perfectly, from Eve’s disdain for paragraphs to Adam’s insistence that “accordion” means “according” to Dog’s direct discourse with the reader. Eve is recast as the smarter and braver of the pair, a feminist who will have none of these old world gender constructs, thank you very much. Allusions are made to everything from classical Greek mythology to Breaking Bad. And when it’s least expected, Zurhellen packs a wallop of a punch with a breathtaking image: “In the beginning, everything was poetry. Before God invented water or air or amoebas or even sunlight, there was poetry.” – Foreword Reviews

After experiencing a romp through these pages of mythology, scripture, and classic literature, you will see why Tommy Z has been dubbed “the crown prince of zany and the prime minister of zip.”

At the end of the world, there will be a boy, a girl, and a very large serpent.

Armageddon follows the warm reception of Tommy’s first two IPPY gold award-winning novels in The Messiah Trilogy: Nazareth, North Dakota (2011) and Apostle Islands (2012), each published by Atticus Books.

Publishers Weekly complimented Tommy for his “masterful dialogue” in Nazareth, North Dakota, and called Apostle Islands “both universally timeless and contemporary … If Jesus needs new PR, this is one imaginative possibility.”

Now with Armageddon, Texas, Tommy breaks new storytelling ground as he weaves two ancient tales into a work that is so infectious it will tickle your funny bone and make you second-guess your use of the English language!

Armageddon, Texas: A Novel
Book 3 of The Messiah Trilogy
By Tommy Zurhellen
Publication release: Nov. 4, 2014
ISBN: 978-0-9915469-1-6
List price: $14.95
Fiction/Literary Fiction
250 pages

Tommy Zurhellen was born in New York City. He is the two-time award-winning author of The Messiah Trilogy and currently teaches writing at Marist College in upstate New York. He also is co-host of the podcast Fiction School.

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