Our Environmental Commitment

Our Environmental Goals and Objectives as a Small Press

Atticus Books is committed to protecting the environment and to the responsible use of natural resources. As a book publisher, with paper a core part of our business, we are concerned about the future of the world’s remaining Endangered Forests and the environmental impacts of paper production. We are committed to implementing policies that will support the preservation of Endangered Forests globally and advance best practices within the book and paper industries.

Toward these ends, Atticus Books, as of 15 April 2010, hereby establishes the following policy goals:

1. For books printed and bound in the United States, Atticus Books shall endeavor to eliminate the use of papers that may contain fiber from Endangered Forests.
2. We will endeavor to utilize an annual aggregate average of 30% recycled fiber (a majority to be postconsumer)
3. We will endeavor to utilize the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified papers or equivalent, for at least 20% of paper-use.*
4. By 2016 we will endeavor to reduce our total greenhouse gas emissions to 20% below 2006 levels. This measurement will include emissions associated with the paper used in our books and will be achieved through a combination of increasing the use of recycled paper, reducing the amount of unnecessary paper that is consumed, preventing books from reaching landfills and through efforts to make office buildings and book distribution more efficient.
5. Atticus Books will communicate these long-term policy goals with current and future supply-chain partners by circulating this letter and including relevant language in bid solicitations and contract negotiations.
6. Atticus Books will communicate these goals as a first step in the process of reaching our environmental objectives. We will encourage vendors to explore challenges and find solutions. If vendors are unwilling to engage in the necessary process to meet our product and pricing needs, then we will consider doing business with alternative vendors.
7. Where feasible, we will give purchasing preferences to papers that meet the criteria outlined in goal number two. Additionally, we will give purchasing preference to papers produced without the use of chlorine compounds.
8. Atticus Books will aggressively pursue efforts to minimize paper-use through efforts to maximize efficiencies and reduce waste.
9. As a means of accomplishing our goals Atticus Books will develop a plan of action with clear benchmarks and timelines. We will also track and report our progress towards reaching the stated goals.
10. We will make our best effort to implement policies that are consistent with accepted standards for responsible paper use. (Book Industry Treatise, Green Press and Environmental Paper Network Guidelines).
11. Atticus Books will accomplish the objectives stated above provided they can be
achieved within our economic parameters.
12. We will pursue the steps listed above with non-U.S. suppliers and printers.

* Note from #3. Currently, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification is widely accepted as the best practice standard for forest management. At such time that additional certification standards meet the rigorous criteria of the FSC, then Atticus Books will also utilize paper with fiber that is certified by according to these additional standards.

In recognition of the need to preserve natural resources and protect Endangered Forests, we also commit to encourage other publishers and suppliers to develop similar strategies and policies.


Dan Cafaro
Founder and Publisher
Atticus Books