Mission Statement

To produce and disseminate work that transcends literary circles and touches the wider culture.

Our mission at Atticus Books is to deliver a first-class experience to the reader. Period.

Our commitment is to discover and support inventive writers whose works are mainstream-accessible and need to be engulfed by the general reading public. Our chief goal is to have our writers’ work read, remembered and recognized among our peers and loyal customers.

We gravitate to individuals who, if you nicked their skin, they would bleed words. We genuflect before books that demand to be shared with friends.

We have a healthy appetite for satire, but consistently hanker for dialogue attuned to realism. We are partial to stories that resonate sweetly, bittersweetly, bitterly, tastefully, even tastelessly – as long as they provoke thought and awaken the ethereal senses. Moreover, we embrace stories that are adaptable to film.

We respect the history, dignity and creativity of past, present and future literary presses (as long as they hold our passion for words and don’t take too much business from us).

We have a work ethic that’s six degrees left of center, but second to none, and we refuse to take life or ourselves too seriously. (Can you tell?)

Despite what the publisher may have his family and/or friends believe, the challenge of actually making a profit is not what keeps us up at night. It’s the challenge of not only acquiring a manuscript that someone will happily loan to his or her friend because it’s just that good, but inspiring that follower to gladly buy future books by that author as a gift for his or her friend.

It’s the goal of making that unforgettable voice known to the general public. It’s the goal of believing in what we’re doing and knowing that our efforts are not being wasted. It’s the goal of procuring work worth preserving and helping to create a legacy. It’s the goal of discovering an inventive mind and tapping far enough into it to reveal a treasure worth possessing.