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Get Lit, Round 1: Short Fiction

We think so highly of the writers whose stories we publish each week at Atticus Review that we’ve gone and compiled a 195-page volume of their work. These 19 narrations offer a wide array of styles, techniques, and settings that intersect at the crossroads of imagination.

For readers with an insatiable appetite for wild-eyed fanciful creations and dark-eyed reality checks, this round of lit is on us. Sit back, spark it up, and if you like how you feel when you’re finished, do pass it around.

About Atticus Books

Atticus Books is a fiery multimedia press based in Madison, N.J. We specialize in genre-busting literary fiction and compelling narratives that feature memorable main characters. Contrary to conventional wisdom, we receive no nourishment from Uncle Sam, nor do we eat small children for breakfast. We do nurture the creative minds and bruised egos of starving writers worldwide.

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  1. Marcus Speh
    January 18, 2012 at 3:51 pm #

    I’ve so enjoyed being a part of this amazing first year at Atticus Review—thank you very much for including my work in this anthology. Much appreciated! Cheers from Berlin and much success in the years ahead!