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AWP ’12: Say Hello or Slam a Pie in Our Face

Ah, AWP. The annual conference where graduate creative writing students hobnob with writers by day and switch hotel bedrooms by night, where lit journal editors field questions about the status of submissions, and where nearly everyone is wearing hipster-esque glasses.

We’re in the bookfair exhibitor’s hall at TABLE C-16. Meet our publisher, Dan Cafaro, and our publicist, Lacey N. Dunham, who will gladly shake your hand so long as you don’t have a cold. Atticus authors will be available for your paparazzi proclivities and book signing urges, too.

On Friday, March 2,  join us from 9:30 – Midnight at Brando’s Speakeasy when we join forces with Patasola Press for a fiery reading and a little booze (cash bar only, but we’ll do shots with anyone!).

On the other hand, if you’d rather take our presence at AWP as an opportunity to slam a pie in our face, that works, too, especially if it’s homemade.


photo credit: Steve Snodgrass


Matt Mullins, author of Three Ways of the Saw
Noon – 1:15
3:00 – 4:45
Pie: Key Lime


John Minichillo, author of The Snow Whale
1:30 – 2:45
Pie: Pumpkin



Steve Himmer, author of The Bee-Loud Glade
9:00 – 11:45
Pie: Peanut Butter



Jared Yates Sexton, author of An End to All Things
(forthcoming November 2012)
1:30 – 4:15
Pie: Chocolate, apple, or cherry


Michael Meyerhofer, Poetry Editor of Atticus Review
1:30 – 4:15
Pie: Cheesecake
(He’s  a shameless renegade)



Colin Winnette, author of Revelation and A Long Line of Diggers
(forthcoming Spring 2013)
9:00 – 1:15
Pie: Pecan
(He’s from Texas, so that’s PEA-can)


Matt Mullins, author of Three Ways of the Saw
Noon – 2:45
Pie: Key Lime



John Minichillo, author of The Snow Whale
3:00 – 5:45
Pie: Pumpkin



Katrina Gray, editor-in-chief of Atticus Review
 3:00 – 5:45
Pie: Chess
(We have no idea what this is, so take your best guess)




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Atticus Books is a fiery multimedia press based in Madison, N.J. We specialize in genre-busting literary fiction and compelling narratives that feature memorable main characters. Contrary to conventional wisdom, we receive no nourishment from Uncle Sam, nor do we eat small children for breakfast. We do nurture the creative minds and bruised egos of starving writers worldwide.

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