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Colin Winnette: A Reading Tour Diary

Colin Winnette, author of two novellas to be published by Atticus Books in March of 2013, traveled up and down California in September and read from his book of short stories, Animal Collection, published by Spork Press. Recently, he was crowned king at the Literary Death Match in San Francisco. It’s got us thinking he may be hiding some raw talent in that beard of his, not just as a writer, but as a performer too. Read his thoughts and–in some cases–links on each photograph for a better idea of what we mean.

Colin was up against some fierce competitors at the Literary Death Match: poet/author/playwright Kevin Killian, author Yiyun Li, and writer Charles Warnke.

Photo Credit: Anon

A tribe of warrior women versus a larvel king. (w/ Mathew Decoster)


The Literary Death Match was judged by best-selling author/award-winning journalist Mary Roach (Packing for Mars, Spook and Stiff), Chronicle Books’ publisher Nion McEvoy, and lounge singer extraordinaire Bud E Luv.


Photo Credit: Anon

A young man reads into the darkness. An older man considers, takes notes. Slowly, steadily, borders deteriorate.


But at the end of the night, Colin took home the prize.  To view more pictures of the San Francisco Literary Death Match, and to read a play-by-play of the night’s proceedings, check out Literary Death Match Episode 47.


Photo Credit: Anon



 Oh my God…

An Animal Inside

The night before all of this, Colin was at a recording studio in Tucson, watching two of his favorite living writers, Amelia Gray and Richard Siken, read from Animal Collection, with and without some awesome animal masks.

Photo Credit: Drew Burk




She is saying, “I took shits wherever I wanted.” (w/ Amelia Gray)






Photo Credit: Drew Burk



Richard Siken talks with animals.










Photo Credit: Drew Burk



  Fantastic Miss Fox. (w/ Amelia Gray)






Photo Credit: Drew Burk





“Buy the book. Don’t be an…” (w/ Drew Burk of Spork Press)





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