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Pushcart Prize Nominations

While we have had an exciting year of publications at Atticus Review, we were only allowed to submit six of them for consideration in this year’s Pushcart Prize competition. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of our magazine, and best of luck to our six nominees.


Pythie’s Tale” by Hilary Holladay
Always” by Rebecca Cook

Flash Fiction

Patch” by Lena Bertone
Appendages” by Gay Degani


Death by Bleeding” by Karen Craigo
Elegy” by Judy Jordan

About Atticus Books

Atticus Books is a fiery multimedia press based in Madison, N.J. We specialize in genre-busting literary fiction and compelling narratives that feature memorable main characters. Contrary to conventional wisdom, we receive no nourishment from Uncle Sam, nor do we eat small children for breakfast. We do nurture the creative minds and bruised egos of starving writers worldwide.

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