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Tommy Twice

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It was still dark when Chelsea rattled my arm, waking me up. “Get up,” she said. She said it was time for me to earn my worth. I wasn’t sure what this meant, but I was about to find out. I didn’t know then what time it was (four in the morning), but this would […]

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truck nuts

On Car Balls

During my morning jogs around the neighborhood I used to see a blue Jeep Rav 4 equipped with a pair of tan lifelike testicles dangling from the rear axle. Every time I’d run past the house I’d wonder what the owner of the Jeep was perchance thinking. I’d wonder what possesses someone to consciously purchase […]

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Cutting The Cheese

Nathan Leslie: Short Stories Are a Slice of Life

In my fantasy world grocery stores would carry short story collections, placing them right next to the cash registers—next to the Kit-Kats and Twizzlers. One of the ironies of American readership is that novels sell better than short story collections. This has always struck me as counter-intuitive. Short fiction is not only arguably a superior […]

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Composition Books: Confessions of a Luddite

Recently I’ve been reflecting on my relationship to technology (or lack thereof). While I’m a notch or two short of a pure Luddite (I do drive, I can’t avoid a computer screen and maintain employment), I find myself distrustful of technology at best, and as a writer dismissive of it completely. (more…)

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A Moral Victory

Afternoons Mason fishes from the crest of Meadow Haven. By three he has completed his school work, said his afternoon prayers, done his part to advance the mission by e-mailing potential converts from the database. He can enjoy some rest and relaxation. As far as he knows, God is not opposed to bass fishing. Mason […]

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