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Truth Told Slant: The History of the American Literary Magazine

“Literature is a conversation…and so, too, is this book.”   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 2, 2013   MADISON, NJ—In 2002, Travis Kurowski spent his free time wandering the university library, spending hours pulling books from shelves, hoping to find something new. He felt a sense of possibility, that out of all those titles, between thousands […]

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Atticus Authors on the Move: March 2012

The first day of spring, early cherry blossoms, a warm reception to our newest novel, and another release in a matter of weeks–there are plenty of reasons we’re happy it’s March. And while our lineup for 2012 has only just begun, we can’t help but feel that we’re off to one hell of a start. […]

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Atticus Authors on the Move: February 2012

We know–February is the ugly middle child of the year, a generally unpleasant waiting period for spring, hardly improved by the pseudo-holidays Valentine’s Day and Leap Day. Luckily, it’s been anything but boring at Atticus, where we’re celebrating the February 29th release of Matt Mullin’s knockout story collection Three Ways of the Saw, hobnobbing with […]

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Atticus Authors on the Move: November

The flurry of fall may be fading into the cold lethargy of winter, but our authors aren’t slowing down. As always, you can catch them all over the web and all over the country–you may even catch them giving away some serious prizes to gear up for the holiday season. So, before you slip into […]

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Atticus Authors on the Move: October 2011

As the harvest season settles in on the East Coast, Atticus is enjoying a fall of its own, basking in the ever-growing glow of our feverishly planted and published Spring and Summer releases, and gearing up for our 2012 bumper crop of delicious indie lit. From deep-probing interviews and essays to book festivals and statehouse […]

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