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Talking About Writing: Joseph Zeppetello

Hemingway’s famous advice to “go and write” is almost the contrary of what Virginia Woolf writes about in “A Room of One’s Own.” Woolf speaks of the metaphorical space of a room and the need for actual physical space and income for women, or anyone, to practice the art and craft of writing. This juxtaposed […]

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Cutting The Cheese

Nathan Leslie: Short Stories Are a Slice of Life

In my fantasy world grocery stores would carry short story collections, placing them right next to the cash registers—next to the Kit-Kats and Twizzlers. One of the ironies of American readership is that novels sell better than short story collections. This has always struck me as counter-intuitive. Short fiction is not only arguably a superior […]

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David S. Atkinson: Short Stories Present a Divine Singularity

When Atticus Books first invited me to submit thoughts on the short story, I immediately formed grand plans. I was going to write such an impassioned and persuasive essay that the masses were going to remember. For a brief moment, I was going to personally lead the renaissance of the short story. However, I then […]

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