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Novelist Invites Readers to Influence Book

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                            SOCIAL READING TAKES FLIGHT IN SERIALIZED NOVEL Readers’ Feedback Will Write Novel     MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Procrastination is a writer’s enemy. Yet for writer John Henry Fleming, the real writing often occurs during periods of procrastination. Fleming’s The […]

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Leaves of Glass

Ilse Munro: Turning Fragments into Fiction

…then sit very still and ask yourself, as a reader, what piece of writing in all the world Buddy Glass would most want to read if he had his heart’s choice. The next step is terrible, but so simple I can hardly believe it as I write it. You just sit down shamelessly and write […]

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dinner at home

Susan Rukeyser: Short Stories Are a Digestible Meal

The short story is a sit-down dinner. It opens with an amuse-bouche to stimulate the salivary glands. Then comes a parade of flavors and textures, each adding a layer of understanding: the bitter crunch of melancholy, velvety arousal, tough and chewy survival, sharp loss. The end will almost certainly be a blend of sour and […]

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Guitar Study 1

Mickey Laurence Cohen: Flash Fiction Is Only for the Moment

I hate short stories. Hate to read them, not a big fan of writing them. I like novels, I like the feeling I’m entering an entirely new world, or creating one. The best novels can build their own vocabulary, even a new language altogether. Short stories are windows. Windows are nice, especially with curtains, and […]

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Mike Maggio: Stories Are Rooted In the Oral Tradition

The short story is the crystalline form of the novel; that is, it takes the essence of what makes a novel (character, plot, dramatic development) and condenses it into a form that is whole and pleasing. What the novelist accomplishes in two or three hundred pages, the short storiest, if I can coin that term, […]

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