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Rejections: Toasting Confidence

I think the best rejections are really just flawed acceptances. The best rejection I ever received was an email from Speer Morgan at The Missouri Review. It pertained to a piece that I was really proud of, and one that I was hoping would find its way in at one of the tougher markets and help […]

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waiting for a friend

Rejections: A Good Lesson

I read with interest that you’re running a piece on rejection. Being an expert on the subject myself, I was extremely excited by that news, and am sending you limited excerpts from my own archive of smashed dreams. The best, and least painful thing to do, is to wait for the right opportunities to come […]

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Carpet Rolls

Rejections: Creative, Fun, Appreciative

  We appreciate your submission. Unfortunately I had trouble keeping interest. It just didn’t roll me up in a rug and carry me around on its shoulder, which is required. Sorry, and good luck with it elsewhere, and please try us again sometime.   -From a journal called Pequin, which I don’t think is around […]

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Costumed characters near the Arsenale at the 2010 Carnevale in Venice (IMG_9206a)

Rejections: Helpful, Encouraging, Motivating

I was very intrigued by your call for rejection letters. Several years ago I, and the other entrants to a very small independently-run writing contest, received the general response below (the “sweet childhood story” referred to my entry). Based on these comments, I revised my story which was later published as “The Costume” on hackwriters.com. […]

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Praise for a Rejected Short Story and Its Author

  The rejection was so effusive, so loaded with good things about my writing, I’m shocked it didn’t come with a check. – Kurt Mueller   “A good read [and a] dear writer…It is an honor and a thrill to see the incredible range of lives and voices represented in [this] story…This world is an outrageously […]

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Rejection: The Missouri Review

Our call for your rejection letters (and that rarer breed, acceptances) has yielded many interesting responses, stories, and tips for writers. Rejection is an experience felt by the #hopefulwriter and professionals alike.    Behold my recent rejection from the good old Missouri Review. So close! – S. Tremaine Nelson     The handwritten portion reads: Thank you […]

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