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Dan Cafaro: Short Stories Should Be Nothing Less Than Hair-Raising

Dan Cafaro: Short Stories Should Be Nothing Less Than Hair-Raising

You don’t need an English degree, nor a deep understanding of the global literary canon, to have had your mind blown at least one time by a meticulously told short story. To become part of our collective conscience, a story must first eradicate preconceived notions and then smoothly sandblast them beyond recognition. A lasting short […]

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John Oliver Hodges: Short Stories Are Arts and Crafts Sculptures

Short stories are essential to any meaningful way of life; without them we are doomed—so I hope you tell and receive stories at the office, on the job site, with strangers by the pool or on the subway. The stories you tell out loud are likely anecdotal and voicey and take after the dirty joke […]

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Story Girl

Michael Wayne Hampton: We Share the High Points of Our Lives in Our Stories

My friend Christina told me a great story yesterday. She’s had the same gynecologist since she was in high school. He’s an absent-minded old man with the demeanor of a country doctor. Each year she goes in, gets in the stirrups, and talks about school while her gynecologist jokes about her mix-matched socks and pokes […]

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Edgar Allen Poe - The Raven

Matt Mullins: On Edgar Allan Poe and the Short Story

There would be no National Short Story Month without Edgar Allan Poe, the man at the fountainhead of genre.  In his criticism and his stories themselves, Poe essentially defined what the short story should do: become a bomb in the reader’s hand that explodes with meaning before it can be set down. Poe believed a […]

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Susan Rukeyser: Short Stories Are a Digestible Meal

The short story is a sit-down dinner. It opens with an amuse-bouche to stimulate the salivary glands. Then comes a parade of flavors and textures, each adding a layer of understanding: the bitter crunch of melancholy, velvety arousal, tough and chewy survival, sharp loss. The end will almost certainly be a blend of sour and […]

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Simon Kearns: Flash Fiction Is Worth a Thousand Words

The novel is a painting. The short story, a sketch. Flash fiction is a photograph, and, as we know, worth a thousand words. Personally, I prefer a word count between 200 and 500. I like flash fiction that plays with form, that turns the reading into a game. In my own work I often seek […]

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Imagination Station 2010

Christopher Bundy: Short Stories Are a Cure

For the past couple of years, I’ve been working on the long form and haven’t written much short fiction. But whenever I feel like I need to step away from the novel I’ve been immersed and possibly bogged down in for months and recharge the imagination, I find that working on short fiction is the […]

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Randall DeVallance: Short Stories Are Catnip for Amateurs

I remember reading somewhere, about five years ago, that more than half of all Americans between the ages of twenty and forty reported being in a band. The commentariat felt that this boded ill for the future of the music industry, having more participants than audience members. The same thing seems to be happening now […]

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Rebecca Kanner: Short Stories Dwell In Possibility

What I love most about the short story is that you can do things that you can’t in a novel.  Especially the short-short.  Italo Calvino’s “All At One Point,” is one of my favorites.  Who would read a whole novel about the fact that all matter and creation used to exist in a single point?  […]

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Kurt Mueller: Flash Fiction is Like Poetry, Built of Baking Soda and Cocaine

Flash fiction is different. You don’t see it all too much, but when you do it stands out. Rather than a full-length short story that focuses on character and plot and motivation and verisimilitude and all that annoying shit they teach you as highly important in MFA school, a flash piece allows a prose writer […]

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