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Dear Independent Bookseller,

Atticus Books is breaking the mold of the traditional publishing house—and we’re excited to introduce you to the goings-on at our small, fiery press. We not only want you to remember the names of our authors; we want you to know and trust who helped you find them.

We want you to have a place on your shelves for Atticus Books. (We also want our titles—Atticus Trade Paperback Originals— to be an essential part of your Small Press section – you do have a Small Press section, right?!)

We are highly selective in the publishing choices we make (six titles per year), so we take quite seriously our role of fiction curator.

We want you to look at Atticus Books as a go-to source for noteworthy (and buzz-worthy) fiction. We publish novels and story collections that can be categorized as literary fiction, but we encourage our booksellers to market, merchandise, and sell them in a category all its own:  Genre-Busting Literature.

We want you to point to our titles when your many discriminate readers are asking about the next great undiscovered gem. We want the Atticus brand to become part of the lexicon for readers who crave to be on the pulse of what’s wildly new and different in modern fiction. We’re the new kid on the block (the little publishing engine that could) following in the spirit and tradition of offbeat literary dynamos such as New Directions, Grove, and Black Sparrow Press.

Atticus Books may be a young press, but our readers already identify us as a producer of high-quality, award-winning titles. We are increasingly filling that ever elusive space between commercial and literary fiction, and we’re persistent in our mission to redefine the role of literature. Our books contain both narratives in the traditional sense and the inventive sense. Loftily put perhaps, we not only talk a good game, but we back it up by walking it and publishing works that deserve a long shelf life.

Atticus Books is proud of our authors in the same way that parents are proud of their children when they first leave the nest. As debut novelists, a good many Atticus authors have a tough road to hoe, but our belief in their published work—and your cooperative support as a small press advocate—literally means the world to them.

Our authors are available to your customers in a variety of ways. They can help build your audience’s loyalty by enhancing their experience with your store. Atticus authors are energetic, creative professionals who enjoy breaking down the barriers between writer and reader. They are available for readings, signings, panel discussions, and any other interactive format (both online and in-person) that your store can accommodate. We are glad to brainstorm myriad ways to make your author events stand out from the rest.


Atticus Books Is Open to Creative Business Arrangements, Such As Consignment-Based Sales Programs

In the land of entrepreneurs, differentiators are critical and it’s enterprising souls who figure out how to keep their company viable through innovative sales and marketing methods. Sure, you can attribute some of your business success to dumb luck, but more often, it’s a key decision or series of decisions that makes the difference between bankruptcy and making payroll that quarter.

We’re talking bold, strategic, instinctual moves that go against the grain (the current way of doing things and getting business done). The operational changes that drive your customer behavior instead of following it.

When a small business fails, we proprietors all think, if not say, “There, but for the grace of God, go I.” You don’t need to believe in a higher power to empathize with the owners of bookstores closing across the country. There are countless reasons that book businesses fail. We’re all prey to a broken industry with independent presses and bookstores each running on smaller and smaller profit margins.

In large part, all of this tumultuous, foreboding activity is why Atticus Books wants to form alliances with you, our bookselling brethren, and offer a program that can help us both stay in business and prosper. We’re open to many solutions including consignment terms for dedicated retail space. Given the mess that occurs on all ends when unsold inventory is returned, we believe the consignment wholesale model should be an option for booksellers and publishers to directly employ.  Please call or e-mail Dan to discuss how we can work together to transform the way business is done.