Hoopty Time Machines
Hoopty Time Machines
Fairy Tales for Grown Ups
Christopher DeWan
Story/Flash Fiction Collection
ISBN: 978-0-9915469-6-1
An Atticus Trade Paperback Original
Publication date: September 2016

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This mosaic collection will open up a hundred little forgotten pockets inside your imagination. Each micro fiction is a rapid journey to a fantastical place, with at least as many origin myths as stories–46 flashes in all springing from the author’s lifelong obsession with fairy tales.

Hoopty Time Machines recreates some of the feelings you may have had as a young reader, where anything’s possible in a story, where anything might be lurking under the bed. A lot of these stories are about disillusioned people desiring escape. People who wish for more magic in their lives. People who actually want to find monsters under their bed.

From Bogeyman reunions and voodoo dolls to an introspective Superman and godly affairs, this mix of wistful domestic fabulism tossed into the daily grind of modern existence is sure to make you reconsider your childhood fables and recast them with an altogether different set of heroes and villains.

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