Dear Journalists, Book Bloggers, Reviewers, and Editors,

Whoever says the book is dead probably spends most of the day playing World of Warcraft and eating kitten brains. The book is kicking away in the twenty-first century – in new forms and old – just as it has in every century since Gutenberg released scroll-scribbling monks everywhere from their arduous tasks.

At Atticus Books, we’re a driving force of neo-book culture. No other independent publisher both invigorates the ancient art of the written word and redefines the role of literature through an infectious online experience quite like we do. We shape the literary landscape one distinct voice at a time. From novels about fake hermits to tales of a Midwestern messiah to a contemporary Fitzgerald anti-heroine, we always keep you guessing.

Atticus Books is a team of publishing professionals with more than 25 years of experience. We’re dedicated to our work and serious about our mission to discover stellar authors but we’re also playful, funny, and very good at darts. We’re the type of folks to liven up any cocktail party, particularly if we can show up barefooted and you let us DJ.

Atticus Books supports writers that other houses have head-scratchingly overlooked. We revere literature that penetrates at a deep, intuitive level while bowing to the eclectic and kicking dirt on the conventional. At Atticus, we treasure the invention of language and promote a literate community by spotting and sharing the talent we discover. We throw down the red carpet and pull out the fine china for authors who coin new phrases, such as “screw the pooch” (thank you, Tom Wolfe), to help invigorate our ever-evolving lexicon.

You, dear critic, are our partners in literary crime. Together, we shoulder an enormous responsibility to increase public awareness of the sheer power and soulfulness of contemporary literature. We rely on your support to help spread the word so that the works of our genre-busting fiction writers do not remain homeless, but rather find solace on bedside tables, e-readers, and bookshelves.

Oh and if you can help our publicist in her quest for literary world domination, that would be nice, too.


To request a review copy or ARC:

Please email your request to abbyh [at] atticusbooks [dot] net. Include the title of the book, your name, address, e-mail address, website/blog, applicable social media links, and the publication(s) for which you are a reviewer.