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Two Novellas
By Colin Winnette

In two sharp, refreshingly different novellas, Colin Winette explores the tragic but persistent bloodline of a family in small-town Texas and the surreal, various lives of two sisters, exploring what, if anything, holds us together.


Product Description

By Colin Winnette

In two artfully crafted novellas, Colin Winnette offers a brutally honest illustration of family, and the roles we play in writing our own stories. Written with a simple yet thrillingly engaging voice, Fondly follows the twisted branches of a family tree in a small Texas town as each generation tragically begins and ends in unexpected ways. It is a story of family, of history, of loss, and of what, if anything, might hold us together as time moves us relentlessly on.

In One Story, woven from an array of beautifully haunting short stories, details the lives of two sisters as the narrative voice casts them as a variety of entities, each more unlikely than the next. In their lives as an olive at the bottom of a dirty martini, Shel Silverstein, transoceanic swimmers, and more, presenting a meditation on art, love, family, the creative impulse, and what can and cannot be communicated in a single story, or a single life.


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