Sidewalk Dancing

Sidewalk Dancing

Sidewalk Dancing

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A Novel in Stories

By Letitia L. Moffitt

Sidewalk Dancing is a careful exploration of a diverse family's dynamics told with the subtle wrist bends and brush strokes of a perpetual outsider. Multiple narratives told by a gifted multi-ethnic artist create a beautifully crooked mosaic.


Product Description

By Letitia L. Moffitt

Miranda McGee, the daughter of shy, pragmatic Grace Chao and globetrotting dreamer George McGee, feels like a social pariah. She says she is the first in the line, a factory original, not bound to one land, nor one people. Miranda knows she doesn’t entirely belong anywhere. When she’s home, she’s never entirely at home and when she’s away, she never is quite away.

Miranda doesn’t understand how her parents ever married, how they picked up and moved to Oahu. How, despite their cultural differences, they could start a new life, build a house, raise a child, and run a popular local diner.

Miranda may feel like an outcast in Hawaii or New York, but it is her alienation from her family environment and her own identity that makes her realize that some people feel like outsiders no matter where they are, and this alone may be the one thing her family members have in common.


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