The Shimmering Go-Between

The Shimmering Go-Between

The Shimmering Go-Between

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An OMG exploration of WTF . . . If Willful Suspension of Disbelief were a race in the literary Olympics, this moving and luminous debut would set the record. If this novel were edible, it'd be less like a plate of meat than an inside-out eel roll atop a Russian doll. File under: contemporary American fabulism.


Product Description

By Lee Klein

An “intricately layered debut novel [that] manages to reorganize the landscapes of conception, birth, death, Heaven and New Jersey . . . Klein leads the reader to a ledge of unbelievability and dares the reader to believe . . . Klein does it so well . . . and then he pushes you off that ledge. Giggling.
Christopher Allen, Word Riot

Set at the dawn of the Internet age, this imaginatively unhinged yet formally controlled contemporary fable dramatizes the struggle between impulsivity and restraint. A sort of semi-perverted post-YA novel, The Shimmering Go-Between is about . . . Hot air balloons! Terraria! Goop storms! Never has a semi-illustrated story about longing, loss, and love been so good-natured, inventive, and insane.


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